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Boiled eggs

Carefully lower your room temperature egg into boiling water.

When you’re done, place the egg into a bowl of cold water to prevent it from cooking any further.

  • 5 minutes: runny yolk for dipping.
  • 6 minutes: still runny, less oozy.
  • 7 minutes: almost set & deliciously sticky.
  • 8 minutes: softly set, think Scotch eggs.
  • 10 minutes: the classic hard-boiled egg.


If you’re treating yourself to a more expensive ingredient you don’t want to overcook it!

  • Rare: 2.5mins on each side, rest 5 mins
  • Medium Rare: 3-4mins on each side, rest 4 mins
  • Medium: 4mins on each side, rest 3 mins
  • Medium Well: 5mins on each side, rest 2 mins
  • Well Done: 6mins on each side, rest 1 min


  • Always salt your pasta water before cooking.
  • Save a splash of pasta water to add to whichever sauce you are making, the starch from the pasta will leave you with a lovely creamy texture!


Rice is a staple, but can be tricky to master!

  • Use half a mug of rice per person, make sure to wash it in a sieve first & then add double the amount of water to the pan for cooking.
  • Once your water comes up to the boil, give everything a final stir, put a lid on and turn the heat right down.
  • Now wait for 10 mins and when ready fluff up with a fork before serving.

Fruit & Veg

Make sure to browse the freezer aisle. Frozen fruit and veg is harvested when ripe and then frozen, so are still full of nutritional value. They will always be cheaper than fresh and have a longer shelf life…

  • Frozen peas, green beans, and broccoli are awesome for a stir fry.
  • Frozen berries, cherries, and peaches are lifesavers in smoothies.


Buy a growing plant over bagged herbs at the supermarket, this way you can learn to care for your plant and continue to grow an endless supply of herbs instead of buying them every time you try a new recipe.

Cooking Sauce

When making a cooking sauce, always make extra & freeze portions for later. Batch cooking is a great way to produce less waste, make the most of vegetables and make life easier for your future self.


Baking requires precision, so it’s always worth measuring out your ingredients.

For a fool proof cake recipe always use the following ratios.

  • For every egg used, use 50g butter, 50g caster sugar & 50g self-raising flour.
  • Multiply as needed.

All you need to do now is choose some flavours & preheat your oven to 180°C.


The global pandemic will have lasting social and economic effects on the United Kingdom. Its impact has been felt by everyone, whether through financial hardship, reduced choices, mental distress or personal loss.

Given the pandemic and our unique position at the heart of the UK economy, our priority for the next phase of our strategy is to focus on Helping Britain Recover.

Our focus will therefore be to Help Britain Recover, and we are committed to working with others in five areas where we can make the most difference.


Watch some of our Group Executive Committee members talk about the Group’s ambitions in our Strategic Review 2021

Strategic Review 2021: Building the UK's preferred financial partner

Since 2011 we have significantly transformed our business for the benefit of our customers and other key stakeholders, while also positioning us well to succeed in a digital world. We are not complacent, however, and recognise that we need to continually evolve in response to increasing customer and societal expectations, new technologies and a rapidly changing competitive environment. Most importantly, we also recognise that we have a critical role to play in Helping Britain Recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strategic Review 2021 is the next stage of our journey and will deliver co-ordinated growth opportunities in our two core customer segments, supported by enhanced capabilities in four areas.

  • Preferred financial partner for personal customers, through leveraging our unique competitive advantages to significantly deepen customer relationships
  • Best bank for business, through building a leading digital SME proposition, with a disciplined and strengthened business for Corporate and Institutional clients
  • Further develop and leverage our core capabilities, including delivering a modernised technology architecture, building integrated payment solutions, creating a data driven organisation and implementing reimagined ways of working

Clear execution outcomes for the coming year are outlined for all these areas and underpinned by long-term strategic vision. Strategic Review 2021 will thus enable the Group to deliver revenue generation and diversification whilst unlocking further efficiency gains, within our low risk and capital efficient business. The Group's purpose, unique business model and ambitious strategy will allow us to Help Britain Recover and deliver long-term sustainable returns for our shareholders.

Find Out More Here

Inclusion & Diversity

Valuing Difference

At Lloyds Banking Group, inclusion is central to our business success. We know that colleagues who can show up to work as themselves are those that can bring their best, and we are proud to support our colleagues through all stages of their journey. We have an inclusive and open culture with a scale that creates a vast range of roles and opportunities. We offer a wealth of options for continual personal growth in an organisation that embraces diversity of talent, creativity, skills and thinking amongst our teams.

From creating the right work-life balance, making time to invest in what’s important in an open and agile working environment, to supporting life changes and ensuring we invest in talent to encourage our people to build a career to match their ambitions.

Our stand for racial equality
Our LGBT+ rainbow network
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